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Fixing a Computer

About Us

Serving the customer, serving the community.

HCIT was born out of necessity.  We came out of one of the finest services companies on the east coast.  Due to the downturn in the economy in late 2010, our previous employer had to close the doors. We were all without jobs, and there was a big gap in the warranty service for many manufactures in the Atlanta area. We knew we all wanted to stay together. We had many years and many clients we had meaningful relationships with that we wanted to continue. This left many of our fantastic customers without a service option. We knew, at that moment, we had to rise from the ashes and make a great company. 

    The best way to start a great company is with great values. Our core values are founded on honesty, ethics, and hard work. Unlike most technology companies, we do not require a contract for our services. We strive to earn your business every day through hard work and attention to detail. Our core values are at the forefront of every transaction, no matter how big or small. To maintain and grow relationships, we make sure our levels of sales and service are unsurpassed. 

We are a family; our customers are part of that family, not just a paycheck. Our customers are the lifeblood of our company. We know without our customers, we have nothing. That is why we live to a higher calling, always putting others first. These values have kept our business going strong for over a decade.  

While most of the technology world has evolved into an online or teleprompt-driven experience, we at HCIT continue to provide a personal approach to computer services.  We endeavor to provide service and support like no other. With us, you will never endure the rigors of the automated call.  A live voice will greet your call, with no menus and no prompts. We believe in personalized service. We provide a direct account representative who works with you or your company on a one-to-one basis on all sales, warranty, repair-related, and disposal needs.

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